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Ahoy! Refugee animator from Youtube here

Posted by Schuschinus - November 21st, 2019

Hello everyone!

I´m Schuschinus, I love being creative in many different fields like drawing and painting, 3D art, artisan crafts and not least animation and film effects. I´m simultaneously into playful, childish things and edgy adult stuff, which is the reason I´m here.

Last year they destroyed Tumblr and now they destroy Youtube. Newgrounds seems to be a good alternative for both. I like, that you can upload different types of content, and that mature content is allowed.

I considered to join for a while, but it wasn´t urgent until now and there were some points making me hesitate. Newgrounds has a long history and many features, which appeared to me, like this is a sworn community with its very own habits and customs, where it is difficult to get in.

The former focus on flash has shaped the general direction of this community, which I didn´t feel settled in. My art is inspired by traditional animation, practical effects and intricate, detailed artworks, and I was never deep into gaming.

Now, that I´m here, the site feels quite cozy and valuing individuality. A quality, which Youtube has lost long ago. 

Bringing over all the stuff from Youtube will take some time, and I´ll have to edit them. When I started in 2008, I made it in german and kept it. Since I have no voice actors, they speak mostly gibberish with subtitles anyway. So when Youtube´s subtitle function came up, I relied on that for the english version. Now I must somehow translate it.

Until then, you can check everything on my other outposts:






Welcome to the Grounds Schuschinus! Happy you found your way here.

Flash may have been one of the fundamental aspects of the site way back, but I'm not sure it's as prevalent these days. The format definitely isn't - most work's MP4 or HTML5 (regarding movies/interactive things) - but I wonder if the culture's still affected by it to a large extent either... people definitely do still use the software, but a lot use Toon Boom or Character Animator or what have you. Usually it's hard to discern what software'sused for what.

Simplicity seems to reign everywhere these days so it's always refreshing to stumble upon work with detail like yours! I don't think you'll have much trouble getting older submissions through judgement either considering how low the standards are these days. The things that get blammed are mostly very novice work, short stickfigure animations, loops, stuff like that.

Regarding subtitles maybe it's possible to simply download the auto-generated ones via YT and use those? If you can't do it via them there seem to be other sites with that service: https://savesubs.com/

Yes, I can download them, but neither upload them here, nor in the video editor. But anyway, thanks!

Hmm what's up with you @RatsAndWorms ? Trying to chase away all them aspiring artists strolling through these gates of greatness now?

Regarding the subtitles, you could always use something like https://handbrake.fr/ to hardcode them in. I'm not too well-versed in video editing software overall but seems like there should be some way to do that with most of them...

Welcome aboard!